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Beautiful Boarders: The Huge Value They Add To A School

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Inside: The benefits of boarding school are not limited to the boarding students themselves. The positives that boarders bring to a school community are significant. Australian boarding schools offer an opportunity for kids from sparsely-populated rural areas to receive high… Continue Reading →

What Are The Benefits Of Boarding School? Ask A Psychologist

Inside: Jane Carmignani is a clinical psychologist with a particular interest in children in boarding schools. In this interview she discusses the benefits of boarding school. Currently in Australia there are 25000 boarding students. In many parts of the world the… Continue Reading →

Far From Home: Boarding School and Homesickness

This weekend I’m attending the thirty-year reunion of my boarding school year group. With that group of women, I stumbled through five years of adolescence. We went to school together, ate together, studied together, sang along to INXS and Wham… Continue Reading →

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