My Story

I am an educator, writer, consultant, and student of all things education. I have worked in various teaching and management roles in education for thirty years. I have worked in government and private schools, country and city, single-sex and co-ed. Currently, I am based in Perth, Western Australia.

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My Approach

Education is an anywhere, anytime process and it carries on for life. In the schooling years of a child’s life, education is very much a collaborative effort between school and home. I believe parents are the primary educators. A school’s role is to support the family and provide expertise, experience and insight. In turn, parents need to support their children’s school and teachers. Together they can create an environment where children thrive.

When educating children it is impossible to separate learning from wellbeing. Children must be physically and mentally healthy in order to learn. For that reason, a lot of my writing draws on health and psychology frameworks. In turn, if at school children are thriving in their learning and gathering essential skills and knowledge, they are preparing for a life well lived.

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