I write predominantly in the areas of adolescent and child education and wellbeing. I specialise in blogs and articles for schools. Ask me about writing services I may be able to offer your school or business.


I am available to speak to parents, teachers and students on a variety of topics in the area of adolescent wellbeing and education. Recent topics have included:

Navigating Kids’ Friendships

Early Adolescence: Enjoy the Ride

Friends and Frenemies

Growing Resilient Kids

What Stands in the Way of Girls’ Learning?


Speaking Testimonials

St Stephen's School Carramar

“I had the opportunity to attend Linda Stade’s talk as part of the St. Stephen’s School parent seminar series. 

Linda’s talk was informative and deeply engaging. She shared valuable insights into parenting young people today and navigating their friendship issues. Linda spoke about the importance of fostering a supportive and inclusive environment at home and at school. 

Linda emphasised the individuality of each child. She encouraged us to recognise and nurture the unique talents and strengths of every young person, reminding us that parenting is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Her anecdotes and real-life examples added a personal touch to her presentation, making her ideas relatable and applicable.

Linda’s talk also shed light on the significance of open communication between children and their parents. 

Overall, Linda Stade’s talk was a fantastic experience. It encouraged us to be more attentive to the needs of our children, and provided practical strategies for creating positive relationships. I am very grateful to have been a part of her talk, and I believe that her ideas were a positive influence our school community.”

Sarah Stockton-Rice
Deputy Head of Secondary
Great Southern Grammar

I have followed Linda’s commentary for some time and found her reflections on the social and educational challenges of adolescents to be very thought-provoking.  I have referenced her blogs to assist with professional learning of boarding staff and passed on her tips for settling into boarding, to parents of new boarders.

We were lucky enough to encourage Linda to Great Southern Grammar as a guest presenter at our biennial School conference.  The work she did with boarding staff on “Friends and Frenemies” was insightful and practical.  Linda managed to unwrap the mystery of certain adolescent behaviours by offering neurological and social reasons for them.  Her sessions were very well received and have supported the development of our boarding programs.

I would highly recommend Linda to assist educational organisations in developing their strategies around adolescent well-being.

Brendan Goggins

Head of Boarding, Great Southern Grammar

St Patrick's School

We were lucky enough to have Linda Stade present at our school in November this year (2018). Linda was not only inspiring, educational and uplifting but entertaining too. Linda’s depth of knowledge, expertise and passion won my attention and as a mother of four children, I took all she said on board and reflect on it daily. I highly recommend Linda and look forward to seeing her again in the near future.

Shannon Beeck

President, St Patrick’s School P&F

Holy Spirit Primary School

After coming across Linda’s blogs, the Holy Spirit Parents & Friends reached out to Linda to provide a parent education session on the topic of ‘Navigating Your Children’s Friendships’.  Linda provided an insightful & educational session which included the importance of early discussion with your children about the value of friends and how to make good choices about who are your friends.  Many of the parents also came away with tips on how to handle their own friendships challenges!  It is apparent that Linda’s many years as an educator make her highly qualified to present on these topics.

Some feedback from parents included:

“I came away with some great tools for helping my kids and others with their journey through what can be really challenging times (school & friends) especially loved when Linda emphasised, “Please teach your children empathy. The world would be a much nicer place”. Couldn’t agree more Linda!!”

“Brilliant talk! It was excellent with loads of great tips”

Marcia Pekin

President, Holy Spirit Primary School P&F

Programme Development

I love working with teams on academic and wellbeing programmes. In my roles as Head of School, Head of English Department and in my work in Community Relations I have had ample experience in this area. I have also worked extensively in whole school and systemic change programs. I prefer to work with a human-centred design approach.

Professional Mentoring

Professional mentoring is a valuable resource for staff and leadership in education, as with any sector. I offer mentoring sessions for educators who wish to improve their teaching practice and/or leadership skills. I currently mentor all middle leaders at Lourdes Hill College, Brisbane. It is an incredible example of a school offering staff an opportunity to grow in their roles and plan their career development.


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