A collection of television and radio interviews, podcasts, and news articles featuring Linda Stade and her work.

Interview with That Sex Ed Podcast - Friendhips

An interview that that is super relevant to parents and children of all ages: friendships. Some of the topics covered are: parent engagement; how to skilfully help your child manage their friendships; are girls’ friendships more complex and volatile than boys’?; girls and anxiety; the ‘friendship cyclone’ (a term created by Rebecca Sparrow); ‘relational aggression’; advice to parents on when to step in and when to step back; parent as ‘coach’; development and importance of empathy; how the pandemic has affected friendships and social development; online friendships during the pandemic; the importance of boredom, and what a ‘friend’ means. 

Online Friends Vs Real Life Friends

In this Family Matters podcast for CBC News, Laurel Gregory talks to Linda Stade about online friends vs real-life friends and how we can help kids develop new friendships.


In this interview with CBC Edmonton, Linda Stade talks to Ted Blades about girls, frenemies and friendship issues and how we can stop relational aggression.

The social media contract that takes parents beyond the basics

This article and tv news story from CBC explore a social media contract created by Linda Stade.

The contract is a downloadable document designed to promote discussion between parents and their children about the place of social media in their lives and the risks and responsibilities involved.

The article includes news footage and a transcript of the conversation between Laurel Gregory and Linda Stade.

Deconstructing 'mean girls': Relational aggression and how to tackle it

This article from CBC is based on an interview with Linda Stade. It explores relational aggression and how to respond to children’s friendship issues


What are the skills kids need in building and managing friendships? And what do adults need to know in order to best guide and support a child through the inevitable rough patches?

This discussion on ABC Perth radio program Focus was hosted by Nadia Mitsopoulos. The panel was educator and writer Linda Stade and psychologist Jane Carmignani.