I’m working on a project with my mum and dad at the moment. They are writing their stories down for their grandkids and all the future Stades.

I’ve written them a set of questions. It’s a good way to get started. They can answer the questions they choose, ignore the ones they don’t like or make up new questions. There are questions about the people in their lives, big events and prompts for food and fashion of the era. However, most importantly there are questions about how they felt at different times.

Mum and Dad both love a yarn. So, I’ve bought them both a thick journal to write in. It will be interesting to compare their versions of history! Already it’s led to some funny and emotional conversations between me and Mum and Dad, and stories I would never have heard otherwise.

It might be a nice idea for your family. Working on it would be a good way to connect the kids with their grandparents over the summer holidays.

You can download my set of questions here or prepare your own


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Linda Stade has worked in various teaching and management roles in education for twenty-five years. She has worked in government and private schools, country and city, single-sex and co-ed. Currently, she is the Research Officer at Santa Maria College, Western Australia.