In this special episode of That Sex Ed Podcast, co-founder Justine Kiely-Scott Justine interviews teacher and mentor Linda Stade about a topic that is super relevant to parents and children of all ages: friendships.

Topics covered

Some of the topics covered are:

  • parent engagement;
  • how to skillfully help your child manage their friendships;
  • are girls’ friendships more complex and volatile than boys’?;
  • girls and anxiety; the ‘friendship cyclone’ (a term created by Rebecca Sparrow);
  • relational aggression;
  • advice to parents on when to step in and when to step back;
  • parent as coach;
  • development and importance of empathy;
  • how the pandemic has affected friendships and social development; online friendships during the pandemic;
  • the importance of boredom, and
  • what a ‘friend’ means.

Listen here


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