Printable: How To Respond To Your Child’s Friendship Issues

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So many people have asked me to provide simple, easy to copy A4 versions of my articles so that they can easily hand them out to their clients or school communities. So that’s what I’ve done.

The small fee for this download goes towards maintaining this website so that it can continue to offer good quality information to users for free.


A clear, well-formatted PDF version of the article, How To Respond To Your Child’s Friendship Issues by Linda Stade

The article is 2 pages long.

The article does not contain images for the convenience of schools and businesses who might be printing multiple copies and are mindful of printer costs.

This is a downloadable product. You will not receive the product in hard copy.

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Linda Stade has worked in various teaching and management roles in education for twenty-eight years. She has worked in government and private schools, country and city, single-sex and co-ed. Currently, she is a writer, speaker and consultant in Western Australia.


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