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How To Prepare Your Child For Boarding School

Gentle preparation for boarding school can start early to help kids make a smooth transition to living more independently. No matter how old your child is when they start boarding school, in your eyes, they are going to be too… Continue Reading →

If You Want To Help Someone Feel Better… Acknowledge Their Pain

When we are face to face with another person’s pain, we often try to cheer them up or motivate them to move past it. But have you noticed that it never works? They will probably stop talking about it, but… Continue Reading →

Kids Are Hardwired To Be Negative… You Can Change That!

Kids are hardwired to be negative. We all are. Back in our early evolution, there was so much detail and information in our environment that we focused on the negatives…the threats. No point focusing on the beauty of a sunset… Continue Reading →

A Little Tribute To Siblings

This is a little tribute to strong sibling relationships. Why are they so important and why do we need to look after them? Last week my two brothers and I drove the 800kms north to visit our dad in Shark… Continue Reading →

Connect Your Kids to Their Grandparents and the Past (Downloadable activity)

I’m working on a project with my mum and dad at the moment. They are writing their stories down for their grandkids and all the future Stades. I’ve written them a set of questions. It’s a good way to get… Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Praise and Building Self-esteem

Self-esteem is seen as a cure-all for social problems. We believe that if we give kids high self-esteem, they will withstand peer pressure and be successful. They will resist drugs and alcohol, they won’t bully and they will never be… Continue Reading →

How to Talk About Weight Gain Without Shaming

My teenage daughter is overweight. I’m worried about her health but I don’t want to damage her self-esteem by drawing attention to it. What do I do? This was a question that came out of a recent parent forum on… Continue Reading →

Why You Need To Talk About Sex…Often

For many of us, there are few things more uncomfortable than teaching kids about sex. I’m not talking about reproduction. That’s relatively simple. But sex? What happens and how we treat one another during sex? Well, that’s a bit more… Continue Reading →

How To Help An Angry Child

Anger is often poorly understood and poorly managed, especially in children. What is it, why do we experience it and how can you help an angry child? A work friend told me that her five-year-old daughter, Maya, has a problem… Continue Reading →

Why Are Girls’ Schools So Brilliant?

We know that single-sex education for girls is academically very successful, but what are the other benefits of all girls schools?   Recently, one of my friends rang and asked for my opinion on where her daughter should go to… Continue Reading →

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